FIMA US 2020

May 04 - 06, 2020

The Sheraton, Boston MA

Day Three: The Future of Data Management

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

7:30 am - 8:20 am Continental Breakfast & Registration In The Data Management Café

8:20 am - 8:40 am Welcome Remarks and Day Two Takeaways

After a content-packed second day, start the morning off with an informal debrief of key learnings and takeaways. Share your top 3 aha moments and takeaways with your peers, we’re confident you’ll have a lively cross-pollination of ideas! Use this opportunity to add to your list of strategies to evaluate and implement on your return as you deliver value to your business. 
Marissa Alvord, Program Director at FIMA

Marissa Alvord

Program Director

8:40 am - 8:55 am Chairperson’s Opening Address

Interested in demonstrating thought leadership as Chairperson? Contact Charles McNiff at 646-200-7828 or
Some of the most exciting innovations in data capabilities are coming from the FinTech community and it’s challenging to keep up with the pace of change. Across industry there is significant interest in natural language programming (NLP), artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and automation but how can you assess which capabilities will bolster your data organization to support business growth? After an energizing and eye opening first annual session, we’re delighted to welcome three new emerging FinTech innovators to showcase their promising disruptive technologies. Each company will have 5 minutes to share their technology and 10 minutes of Q&A time with a panel of data management executives. Hear your peers ask deep dive questions around how each of these technologies will better support increased efficiency, scalability, value, growth and more. Our expert panel will vote on the most promising technology capability and the winner will be awarded the annual FIMA FinTech Innovation Award.

Moderator: Michael Manbeck, Vice President, Enterprise Data Management, Fidelity Investments

Fintech Innovators:
Natural Language Programming: Jim Crowley, President & CEO, Forge.AI, Inc.
Process Automation: Meredith Moss, Chief Executive Officer, Finomial
Cognitive Computing: Laura Kornhauser, CEO and Co-founder, Stratyfy
Cara Dailey, Chief Data Officer, Silicon Valley Bank
Jean-Christophe Lionti, Managing Director, Chief Data Officer, CIB North America, BNP Paribas
Patrice Brusko, Head, US Office of the Chief Data Officer and Privacy, TD Bank

Michael Manbeck, Vice President, Enterprise Data Management at Fidelity Investments

Michael Manbeck

Vice President, Enterprise Data Management
Fidelity Investments

Cara Dailey, Chief Data Officer at Silicon Valley Bank

Cara Dailey

Chief Data Officer
Silicon Valley Bank

Jean-Christophe Lionti, Managing Director, Chief Data Officer, CIB North America at BNP Paribas

Jean-Christophe Lionti

Managing Director, Chief Data Officer, CIB North America
BNP Paribas

Jim Crowley, President & CEO at Forge.AI, Inc.

Jim Crowley

President & CEO
Forge.AI, Inc.

Meredith Moss, CEO at Finomial

Meredith Moss


Patrice Brusko, Head, US Office of the Chief Data Officer and Privacy at TD Bank

Patrice Brusko

Head, US Office of the Chief Data Officer and Privacy
TD Bank

Laura Kornhauser, CEO and Co-founder at Stratyfy

Laura Kornhauser

CEO and Co-founder

9:40 am - 9:50 am Bank Tank Winner 2019: An Update on Process Automation by Prattle

Last year Evan Schnidman, Founder and CEO of Prattle captured the FIMA community with the process automation capabilities driving Prattle, winning the annual FIMA FinTech Innovation Award. Evan will give an update on some of the benefits realized, new use cases and more!
Evan Schnidman, President at Prattle, A Liquidnet Company

Evan Schnidman

Prattle, A Liquidnet Company

9:50 am - 10:10 am Keynote: Utilizing Service Level Expectations to Engage and Deliver Value to Data Consumers

Engaging the business around data is frequently a challenge in any organization. Brian Buzzelli, SVP, Head of Data Governance, Acadian Asset Management created a new methodology for data projects which had the unexpected result of generating exceptional engagement. By asking data consumers their requirements and walking through service level expectations, Brian and his team successfully engaged the business more than ever before. Hear key successes and lessons learned, including:

  • Uncovering expectations around the data from end-users 
  • Understanding how data consumers value data
  • Navigating the cultural nuances between technology, data and the business 

Brian Buzzelli, Senior Vice President, Head of Data Governance at Acadian Asset Management

Brian Buzzelli

Senior Vice President, Head of Data Governance
Acadian Asset Management

Regulations hit different types of financial institutions in different waves and in different geographical jurisdictions. Financial institutions are faced with increasing reporting and regulatory requirements at the global level and new rules are continually being released. Do you side on the area of over reporting as the lesser of two evils? How can you be prepared to handle the next wave of regulatory change? 

Find out how to:
  • Keep up with evolving regulations and shifting interpretations, including technologies to enable this
  • Align with legal, regulatory and technology teams to build out the controls required for compliance
  • Understand the different types of reports that regulators are increasingly scrutinizing
  • Bolster more nimble infrastructure for faster turns on reporting  

John Bottega, Executive Director at EDM Council

John Bottega

Executive Director
EDM Council

Jennifer Curtiss, Vice President, Head of Enterprise Data Governance at American Express

Jennifer Curtiss

Vice President, Head of Enterprise Data Governance
American Express

Wes Anderson, Vice President, Head of Enterprise Data Management, Office of the Chief Data Officer at TD Bank Group

Wes Anderson

Vice President, Head of Enterprise Data Management, Office of the Chief Data Officer
TD Bank Group

Olivier Rose, Head of International Data Management at Societe Generale

Olivier Rose

Head of International Data Management
Societe Generale

10:45 am - 11:20 am Morning Refreshment & Networking Break

11:20 am - 11:40 am Fireside Chat: Leveraging the LEI to Facilitate Digital Economy Growth

As transactions become increasingly digitized, it’s becoming more important to identify opportunities to facilitate digital economy growth. The LEI has exciting new use cases beyond regulatory reporting. Find out about the latest updates to the LEI and new use cases, including:

  • Utilizing LEI in digital certificates for document signing that is tamperproof 
  • Leveraging the security of organizational wallets with digital verifiable credentials
  • Non-financial reporting use cases, including trading and supply chain on a global scale

Karla McKenna, Head of Standards at GLEIF

Karla McKenna

Head of Standards

11:40 am - 12:00 pm Keynote: Understanding Prerequisites and Use Cases for Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge graphs offer a unique opportunity to connect information to draw inferences, particularly for a holistic view of customer relationships across a highly siloed enterprise. Data can be stored in different warehouses and the graph makes it much simpler to identify relationships because of the standards being used. What is required to use a knowledge graph? What are the optimal use cases? Find out how to leverage these relational models, including:

  • Building a model to reflect a domain
  • Establishing policies, procedures and standards
  • Capturing low hanging fruit, such as data privacy or technical assets
  • Determining specialized cases to show economies of scale and efficiencies 

David Newman, SVP, Innovation Group, Innovation R&D at Wells Fargo Bank

David Newman

SVP, Innovation Group, Innovation R&D
Wells Fargo Bank

When it comes to the technological demands of offensive data management, including automation and self-service, data organizations are challenged to elevate the technical expertise of their departments, From San Francisco to Wilmington, the industry is battling a talent war as firms build up the technological expertise required for offensive data management. Where is the next generation of engineers and talent coming from? What are they learning? How can you partner with academic institutions? Panelists will shed light on top academic programs, curricula and more to help you be more competitive in securing top talent:

  • Understand the top institutions, curriculums and degrees available
  • How to partner with academic institutions, including designing curricula to meet the needs of your business
  • Knowing which skills you should be looking for when ideal past skillsets may no longer be relevant

Christine Pfeil, Director, Data Science Development Program at MassMutual Financial Group

Christine Pfeil

Director, Data Science Development Program
MassMutual Financial Group

Raquel M. Arredondo, Associate Director, Outreach, Engagement & Professional Development, Office of Graduate Career Services, LeBow College of Business at Drexel University

Raquel M. Arredondo

Associate Director, Outreach, Engagement & Professional Development, Office of Graduate Career Services, LeBow College of Business
Drexel University

12:35 pm - 1:05 pm Context Roundtables: Connect with Peers, Collate Takeaways and Keep In Touch

The beauty of the financial industry data management community coming together at FIMA is a diverse and energetic base of thought leaders and experts with a broad range of experience. Not only are the individuals who attend diverse, but so are the institutions they represent! Close out your FIMA experience and connect with your peer group by institution type to capitalize on the intellectual capital of this energizing community. These structured roundtable discussions will help you to connect with peers from other institutions, share and collate takeaways and exchange business cards to keep in touch as you progress your program.
Don’t forget to jot down your key takeaways each day, they will be instrumental to swap and share with your peers from:
  • Broad Financial Services Firms with an Enterprise Wide Role 
  • Investment banks
  • Retail banks
  • Large asset managers
  • Small-mid sized asset managers
  • Broker dealers
  • Mid-sized banks
  • Payment/Credit Card Companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Pension funds
  • Hedge funds

1:05 pm - 2:05 pm Lunch For All Attendees

2:05 pm - 2:05 pm End Of FIMA US 2020