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The 2019 FIMA Global C-Suite Report

Big Data has become the focus of activity in the financial services industry. Driven by the success of FinTech companies which, within their narrow niches, have taken the lead in innovating and winning market share, financial services providers are nearly all in the midst of digital transformation with the objective of building personal relationships with clients. This study, featuring direct insights from global chief officers, reveals the industry-wide actuality of financial services organizations’ data practices as a whole, providing a benchmark for the state of the industry.

Infonomics and Data Monetization: The New Economics of Information in the Financial Services Industry

For most organizations, there tends to be a vicious cycle of not measuring, and therefore not managing information as well as they could. The idea behind infonomics is to change this from a vicious cycle to a virtuous cycle. It’s about helping organizations become more data-driven, so they can treat information more like an asset. In this industry perspective report, based on the 2019 FIMA webinar with ARM Insight, we explore how financial firms can use data to improve business processes, compliance, and risk management, and monetize data across business environments.

Data Integration, Protection, and Beyond

The following report is based off select questions from an onsite study of senior level data management professionals from FIMA (Financial Information Management) 2019 April 01-03,The report is designed to help you get the pulse on what your peers in data management from the world’s biggest financial institutions are thinking about the future of our industry. As you read through this study, think about where you and your team fit in.

Transforming Financial Institutions Through Data Governance

Although data management practices have been around almost since the inception of the computer, data governance has only become a central strategic priority for financial institutions over the past few years. The catalysts for this relatively novel emphasis on data governance are rooted in two of the financial industry’s most fundamental values: minimizing risk and enhancing value from business intelligence. Key topics include: Building a Best-In-Class Data Governance Program Quality and Security: The Two Tenets of Good Data Aligning the Organization Around Strong DataClick the image to the left to download now!

Data Standardization: A Call To Action

Consistent application of financial data and reporting standards within and across jurisdictions remains an important unresolved legacy issue with risk management and financial stability implications. There is a need for the financial services industry, global regulators and other stakeholders to collaboratively build on their progress toward achieving a data standardization framework that addresses current deficiencies and allows innovative new technologies to be adopted. Establishing and implementing a common global language for financial instruments and transactions will create efficiency, reduce costs and result in the improved usability of financial data to create valuable information and manage systemic risk.

The Future of Data: Adjusting to an opt-in economy

In a world increasingly driven by data, individual consumers suddenly have a lot of power. How they exercise this power, and the ways companies respond, will be a major story for years to come. Big changes in public perception of corporate behavior herald the arrival of the opt-in era for the data economy: from now on, companies must allow consumers to take ownership of their own data and choose where and how it is shared. Yet most people, companies, and governments are not prepared for what comes next.

Forget About AI and ML Until You've Ensured Proper Analytic Management and Governance

New from FIMA and Aginty, we are breaking down the reasons why next-generation technology is reliant on having the means to share and recreate analytics without duplicating effort. Claim your copy of this new report here! 

From Data Management to Next Generation Analytics

While data management and data governance have been the dominating theme of FIMA, financial institutions are moving beyond just management and governance to include data analytics that deliver value to the business. Firms are now gaining additional value from investments made in strong data governance and quality. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Data Lakes and Blockchain are key drivers to the next generation analytics we’re hoping to get to, but that progression is not without its challenges.

Uncovering the Progress of the CDO 2.0: The 2018 FIMA CDO Study

New for 2018, the second annual edition of FIMA's flagship CDO study is here! Featuring the direct insights of data practice leaders, you'll learn where they are on their journey to "Governance 2.0," as well as how they are beating common challenges and adding value to the business from a holistic level. Don't miss this critical research, download your copy now!

Diagnosing Key Data Management Challenges

Click the image on the left to download now! Enterprises that have launched effective data management programs agree, data management has undeniable value for the business’s bottom line. And yet, many enterprises have not taken advantage. This benchmark report will explore the advantages and trends of exciting new data programs across the financial sector. Key topics include: Defining excellence in data management Allocating IT budgets to meet data management and compliance challenges Contending with a range of regulatory challenges

How AI and Unstructured Data are Illuminating the Connected Intelligence Age

Technology is pushing forward the bounds of what can be considered within a data practice, and the latest report from Sapient and the FIMA conference series illustrates just that. Covering how breakthroughs in AI and leveraging unstructured data will play a role in the next generation of data practice, this is a report you don't want to miss.  Click the image to the left to download!

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