FIMA US 2019

April 01 - 03, 2019

Westin Copley Place, Boston MA

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Jessica Chen

Senior Vice President, Compliance

2:05 PM Track C: Drill Down Interactive Discussions to Drive Business Outcomes

1.Enabling Data Virtualization to Increase Efficiency 
Mark Blanchette, SVP, Director Business Technology & Data Management, Seacoast Bank
2.Fairness and Accountability in Data, the Ethics Question 
Vinay Jha, Executive Vice President and Chief Data Officer, Citizens Bank
3.Where Are We Now With BCBS 239 Compliance?
Jessica Chen, SVP, Compliance, Citi 
4.Centralized vs. Federated Data Architectures, What Your Firm Needs
Deborah Lorenzen , Head of Strategy and Data Governance, State Street Global Advisors, State Street
5.Managing the Complexities of Data from Different Systems, From Collection to Reconciliation to Maintaining Integrity
6.Making Sense of Alternative Data to Deliver Value to the Business 

10:10 AM Panel Discussion | Harnessing the Benefits of Standardized Data, New Standards Updates and Use Cases

The pace of change in financial data management is faster than it seems. The industry is rapidly adopting new technologies, which don’t always communicate with existing systems, and data privacy and the threat of breaches are top concerns at the C-level. How do public-private partnerships come together to identify issues and develop standards? How can you get involved? What is new in data standards including UPI, ISIN? Industry leaders driving data standards to support the global financial community will provide timely updates including:
•Updates on natural person identifiers and how they help in the digital economy
•Revisions to UPI, ISIN and ISO 20022
•Future use cases for standardization and how it may help with AML
•Interoperability of standards and new standardized methods of information collections

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Jessica .

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