Jean-Christophe Lionti, Managing Director, Chief Data Officer, CIB North America at BNP Paribas
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Jean-Christophe Lionti

Managing Director, Chief Data Officer, CIB North America
BNP Paribas

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Day Two: Ensuring Data is Fit For Purpose and Protected

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

11:05 AM Panel Discussion And Live Polling: Mitigating Data Risk And Meeting The Increased Demands For Data Protection

Traditionally data organizations have been most concerned with data integrity and quality. But the rise in data breaches and influx of privacy regulations are requiring data organizations to take greater responsibility for protection and privacy, in partnership with the information and cyber security organization as well as compliance and legal. How do you manage your information sets with tougher benchmarks? Does the prospect of audits represent a hurdle in the road toward secure data? 

Panelists will discuss:

  • Effective controls for data, including authorization, encryption, tokenization and purging
  • Capturing enough information required for the granularity of reporting, while balancing the needs for privacy, including masking and removing information
  • Understanding how to manage data risk, including data governance, architecture and quality measurements
  • Data permissioning to manage data loss prevention to guard against intentional or unintentional leakage of data
  • Audits, and the role they play in ensuring market data is protected

3:35 PM Bank Tank And Live Polling: Emerging AI Innovations From FinTech To Support And Advance The Business

Some of the most exciting innovations in data capabilities are coming from the FinTech community and it’s challenging to keep up with the pace of change. Across industry there is significant interest in natural language programming (NLP), artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and automation but how can you assess which capabilities will bolster your data organization to support business growth? After an energizing and eye opening first annual session, we’re delighted to welcome three new emerging FinTech innovators to showcase their promising disruptive technologies. Each company will have 5 minutes to share their technology and 10 minutes of Q&A time with a panel of data management executives. Hear your peers ask deep dive questions around how each of these technologies will better support increased efficiency, scalability, value, growth and more. Our expert panel will vote on the most promising technology capability and the winner will be awarded the annual FIMA FinTech Innovation Award.

Moderator: Michael Manbeck, Vice President, Enterprise Data Management, Fidelity Investments

Fintech Innovators:

Natural Language Programming: Jim Crowley, President & CEO, Forge.AI, Inc.

Process Automation: Meredith Moss, Chief Executive Officer, Finomial

Cognitive Computing: Laura Kornhauser, CEO and Co-founder, Stratyfy


Cara Dailey, Chief Data Officer, Silicon Valley Bank

Jean-Christophe Lionti, Managing Director, Chief Data Officer, CIB North America, BNP Paribas

Patrice Brusko, Head, US Office of the Chief Data Officer and Privacy, TD Bank