Gary LaFever, Chief Executive Officer at Anonos
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Gary LaFever

Chief Executive Officer

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Day One: Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset

Monday, October 5th, 2020

11:30 AM Panel Discussion and Live Polling: Getting Proactive About Privacy While Ensuring Data Can Deliver Growth

GDPR and CCPA have cemented the new norms for data privacy. Across the globe new data privacy and protection rules are being created, and at least 16 states have already implemented their own rules for data privacy and protection. What is required of your data strategy to proactively handle the multitude of data privacy requirements? How do you handle regulations that are constantly changing when trying to put new processes and controls in place to be compliant?

Panelists will discuss:

  • Understanding what data you truly need to capture from someone to continue doing business
  • Operationalizing and maintaining compliance with evolving data privacy and protection rules
  • Driving a culture that takes the responsibility of privacy into account during innovation
  • Balancing the needs of privacy and security with the desire to leverage data through modeling and analytics efforts
  • Knowing the privacy requirements when transitioning from on-prem storage to the cloud

4:05 PM Choose Your Own Adventure: FIMA Partner Champagne Roundtables

These interactive roundtable sessions take a deep dive into the specific areas you came to learn about. Sit and learn in an intimate format from thought leaders of the most cutting edge data management solutions. Hear about capabilities to help you solve your unique data challenges and engage in deep discussion with the moderators and your peers to learn from the broader community. You pick which roundtables to partake in – choose the topics relevant to your most pressing initiatives and divide and conquer with your team members taking a seat at the other tables to further your data initiatives. Each Roundtable discussion lasts 30 minutes – choose 2! Interested in demonstrating thought leadership as a roundtable discussion host? Contact Charles McNiff at 646-200-7828 or

1.Operationalizing Data Management and Governance: What’s Required? What to Avoid?

Peter Ku, VP, Chief Industry Strategist, Financial Services, Informatica

2.From Augmented to Self-driving Data Management

Michal Klaus, Chief Executive Officer, Ataccama

3.Harnessing Your Data to Drive Innovation and Revenue, Without Compromising Privacy or Security

Randy Koch, Chief Executive Officer, ARM Insight, Inc.

4.When Consent Does Not Work - Maximizing Lawful Value of AI, Data Sharing & Combining 

Gary LaFever, Chief Executive Officer, Anonos 

5. Next Generation Fraud Detection 

Kendall Clark, Founder & CEO, Stardog 

Dmytro Dolgopolov, Senior Director of Content Services & Analytics, FINRA

6.Leveraging Advanced Visualization to Explain the Flow of Data

7.Leveraging AI to Mine the Value Out of Unstructured Data

8.Harnessing Innovations in Data Aggregation Across the Enterprise

9.Deploying RPA to Gain Operational Efficiencies as Part of Broader Transformation

10.Data Integration From Application to Application

Day Two: Ensuring Data is Fit For Purpose and Protected

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

11:35 AM When Consent Does Not Work - Maximizing Lawful Value of AI, Data Sharing & Combining

The unpredictable and sometimes unimaginable use of data in AI and other secondary (further) processing is a feature, not a bug. For these data uses to achieve their full potential, safeguards must ensure that privacy rights are protected while still fostering an environment that encourages innovation. This keynote addresses how technical and organizational controls can help to support ethical and lawful data use when consent does not work.

  • AI and secondary (further) data processing have the potential to advance societal goals
  • Consent is often not appropriate for AI and secondary (further) processing
  • Technical and organizational controls can help to support alternative approaches to ethical and lawful data use