FIMA US 2019

April 01 - 03, 2019

Westin Copley Place, Boston MA

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David Saul

Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist
State Street

8:20 AM Oxford Style Debate | True or False, Data Always Has to be High Quality

Data quality has long been the holy grail, and it’s something the industry continues to struggle with. The notion of what makes data right is difficult to explain and going to the nth degree of data quality will cost millions. Data can easily be imputed and in many cases, it will be okay, but the extent of cheating is pretty inconsistent in data management. Many data consumers will demand six decimal places of precision, but is that really needed or will a directionally correct answer suffice? What reference range makes sense? Two data management leaders will weigh in on how much precision is actually needed to determine data quality.
This debate will address:
•Real versus perceived precision
•The role of ‘cheating’ in data management
•High quality history and what is really needed
•Balancing bang for buck around experimental data sets

Moderator: David Saul, SVP and Chief Scientist, State Street 
Taking the position of True: Veda Bawo, SVP, Managing Director of Data Quality & EDO Program Management, Fifth Third Bank
Taking the position of False: Girish Satpute, Head of Investment Operations Technology, Fidelity Investments

8:55 AM Bank Tank and Live Polling | Emerging AI Innovations From FinTech to Support and Advance the Business

Some of the most exciting innovations in data capabilities are coming from the FinTech community and it’s challenging to keep up with the pace of change. Across industry there is significant interest in natural language programming (NLP), artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and robotic process automation (RPA), but how can you assess which capabilities will bolster your data organization to support business growth? After an energizing and eye opening first annual session, we’re delighted to welcome three new emerging FinTech innovators to showcase their promising disruptive technologies. Each company will have 5 minutes to share their technology and 10 minutes of Q&A time with a panel of data management executives. Hear your peers ask deep dive questions around how each of these technologies will better support increased efficiency, scalability, value, growth and more. Our expert panel will vote on the most promising technology capability and the winner will be awarded the annual FIMA FinTech Innovation Award.

Moderator: David Saul, SVP and Chief Scientist, State Street 
Fintech Innovators:
Natural Language Programming: Kendrick Wakeman, Founder & CEO, FinMason, Inc.
Process Automation: Evan Schnidman, Founder and CEO, Prattle
Cognitive Computing: Jason Briggs, Co-Founder and COO, Diffeo
Jodi Morton, VP, Single Family Chief Data Officer, Freddie Mac
Julia Bardmesser, SVP, Head of Data, Architecture and Analytics, Voya Financial

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining David.

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