FIMA US 2020

October 05 - 06, 2020

The Sheraton, Boston MA

2018 Media Center

Bridging the Gaps Between Legacy and Cloud while Maintaining Performance

As more organizations move towards a Cloud-First procurement policy, the data practice must contend with new sources of data that must be reconciled with their traditional on-premise solutions. In this report, FIMA and Informatica have researched how the data management function is rising to the occasion, and where they are planning on being in the next several years. 

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FIMA US 2017 Attendee List

Who will you be mixing and mingling with at FIMA US 2017? Download the preliminary attendee list to find out!

Updated 4-26-17

CDO Study: The Challenges and Opportunities Facing CDOs in 2017

Featuring the insight of leading CDO's, FIMA's latest report takes a deep dive into the best practices, challenges, and opportunities that are front of mind within the data management community. As data management progresses as a discipline, we are uncovering where the industry is going, and how it's morphing into data management 2.0.

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Achieving Regulatory Compliance With Data Lineage Solutions

Consolidating the responses of multiple data management leaders featured in ASG's webinar on data lineage solutions, this report contains best practices and information from the session to help you employ some of these solutions for yourself.

Key questions to ask are:

  • How mature is data lineage analysis today?
  • Why should we automate lineage analysis?
  • How are you currently managing your data lineage activities?
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FIMA 2017 Event Highlights

What took place at FIMA 2017? Check out our brief Event Highlights Report, for a summary of what was covered this year, where the industry is going, and key themes we'll pick up on in 2018.

WBR Insights - Uncovering the Progress of the CDO 2.0: The 2018 FIMA CDO Study

New for 2018, the second annual edition of FIMA's flagship CDO study is here! Featuring the direct insights of data practice leaders, you'll learn where they are on their journey to "Governance 2.0," as well as how they are beating common challenges and adding value to the business from a holistic level. Don't miss this critical research, download your copy now!